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Hi! I'm Carmen Morin.

I'm an entrepreneur and Instructional Design Strategist. I teach established leaders and business owners like you how to productize their life’s work.

I'll show you how to go global with your expertise in a way that elevates your thought leadership and frees your time, while maximizing your impact and revenue on the global scale.

I am uniquely qualified to help you do this:

  • I have extensive leadership experience in the performance-based education industry. My strategies are rooted in results - not theory.
  • My expertise combines education, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. I've built a solo-owned, multiple 7-figure education business that has maintained the world-class quality of our traditional services at scale.
  • My instructional design and program development experience is combined with a proven track record of successfully launching educational institutions into the online market.

My strategy combines these diverse perspectives, equipping you with the tools and insights to elevate your educational program.

A journey designed to transform your thought leadership, and also your business's bottom line.

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Over a decade ago, I opened my brick and mortar service-based business to offer the gold standard in services in my industry.

Soon after building my local business to a profitable 7-figure organization, I stumbled upon a life-changing strategy which was to leverage my expertise in instructional design through high-value digital education assets.

I soon transformed my business by sharing my work internationally through a highly-automated digital sales system that generates 7-figure annual revenue while also feeding directly into my local business — heavily through automation.

It's not a "social media influencer" strategy. It's rooted in tried-and-true business principles that leverage education in the digital world.

In a way that appreciates in value over time.


In it, I teach the exact step-by-system for industry leaders to transform their own business model by turning their expertise into a profitable and unparalleled digital education program.

The Global Small Business™ creates a mega-entity that involves the best of both worlds:

  • The automation, revenue and profit margins that can only be created through digital assets,
  • Combined with the personal quality and heart-centered service that is at the core of every small business.

Your autonomy and freedom of time are your greatest markers of wealth.

The Global Small Business™ heavily leverages automation to allow you to reclaim your time while building a profitable business designed for your ideal life.

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Here's a little more insight on my background:

My background previous to (and alongside) entrepreneurship is as an award winning concert pianist.

I made my debut as soloist with orchestra at the age of 10, which sparked several guest solo performances with orchestras throughout Canada, including a performance tour for the Canadian Embassy.

I taught on faculty at my City’s University Conservatory, then launched my private commercial school in 2013. As sole owner and founder, I grew this commercial school to a multiple 7-figure small business with a team of over 45 staff and faculty

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Our school's programs currently provide education to over 1000 students locally, and to thousands more around the world through distance education online.

As a performer, I was awarded first prize in international piano competition in Coimbra, Portugal (2018), and my success as an educator earned me international recognition as the first educator in Western Canada to be inducted into the Steinway and Sons International Teacher Hall of Fame in New York (2019). 

Among other recognitions, I was selected as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 (2021) and currently serve as Vice-Chair on the board of directors of Honens, one of the world’s most prestigious international piano competitions. 

This experience has culminated in the unique combination of skills that I bring to the table for the companies and clients I provide instructional design and business strategy services.

You'll find the performance and results-based themes in all of my content, including my free weekly newsletter, The Principles of Practice.

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The world does not need another information dump.

Stop trying to "create a course"...

Learn to solve problems at scale using effective educational methods instead.

Create an asset that scales your revenue while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of who you are, and what you do.

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